Malcolm McLaren…Fashion Designer!


Today we’d talked about an article we found at The Local, “Sweden’s News in English” that we got into trouble about. We like music and all, we’re hip with the kids, but we just didn’t know enough. The story we’re talking about concerns Malcolm McLaren, the infamous manager of the Sex Pistols and his appearance FutureDesignDays in Stockholm, a sort of “all things vaguely related to design” festival. We didn’t realize, until we received a couple of messages from readers who are more band history skilled than we that, of course he was into fashion way before the group even started playing and that this is nothing new. We made the mistake, thereby wearing our ignorance on our sleeves, by repeatedly saying stupid things like “Can you believe he got into fashion design?” and “Who knew?” You heard it here first: this writer’s totally lame. Still, it’s an interesting piece and we still enjoy this quote from McLaren:

“I’ve been accused of being many, many things…a con man, a charlatan, a thief, a murderer, a person inadvertently responsible for turning British culture into nothing more than some cheap marketing gimmick. But I’ve never ever been accused of being an artist,” the sixty-year-old Brit told The Local.