Making with the Cute

If you were to do some kind of research into the single most popular types of links traded on a day-to-day basis between this writer and his girlfriend, it would be photos of dogs wearing costumes. We don’t mind sharing that embarrassing bit of information with you because we know you do it too. If not, then how do sites like Cute Overload get a bazillion hits and hundreds of comments per photo? Plus, by admitting this, we’ve got a nice transition into one of Ping Magazine’s latest features: “Dog Fashion Gone Crazy!” It’s a great batch of photos, per Ping’s unparalleled standards, but it’s also got some interesting information about fabrics, designers, and some great links to people who are, well, designing for dogs. But, if anything, it’s just fun to read sentences like these:

BUT I must say that IF you go for all that dressing up and getting into all the “wrapping,” then going for a traditional style doing the full on Kimono is the coolest dog fashion stylists could ever think of!