Making Scarry More PC


It has been a very long, long week in a series of long, long weeks, so this writer is coming to you at an odd time: the dead of night. Well, it’s 7pm here, and we suppose that’s not really “the dead of,” but bear with us here please, won’t you? Anyway, to kick off this writer’s first post of the evening, here’s an interesting bit of interest by way of the always wonderful Things Magazine, it’s a Flickr set looking at two edition’s of Richard Scarry’s “The Best Word Book Ever.” Separated by nearly 30 years, it’s incredible all the changes the publishers, along with Scarry himself, made to update the book to make it more politically correct. And we don’t think it’s a bad thing, we’re not those kinds of people who are crying foul about the Spring Bunny, or whatever all that hoopla was about. We just find it interesting is all. Honest. Please don’t put us on one of those yelling tv talk shows.