Makers of the Classics App Respond to iBooks

Some of those following the iPad unveiling remarked at the time and after on Twitter that iBooks bears a striking resemblance to a popular eBook app for iPhone. The app is called Classics, and it was designed by Andrew Kaz and Phil Ryu and features a growing list of public domain eBooks that is added to every time the developers update the app.

As you can see, the iBooks interface (below) looks very much like the Classics bookshelf (above). Apparently, Classics fans began writing to the developers to ask whether they had anything to do with iBooks as soon as Apple’s iPad was announced. In response, Kaz and Ryu quickly added the following note to the app’s description in Apple’s app store:

“Many of you have been contacting us with questions recently announced iBooks for iPad. We have no involvement, but we are proud to have influenced the future user interface of digital reading.”

A mutual admiration society? Is this wooden bookshelf indeed “the future user interface of digital reading”? An overstatement, perhaps. But Apple certainly seems to have been impressed with this particular app.

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