How To Make Your Own Video Website With VidCaster [Interview]

VidCaster is a new platform from Vid Network that gives content creators the ability to publish and distribute their video content online. Brought to you by the same people that brought you VidSF, VidCaster gives you all the tools you need to create your own video site and distribute your videos to YouTube,, Facebook, Twitter, iPad and more. I had the opportunity to ask co-founder Kieran Farr a few questions about the platform, which is currently in private beta. Find out what he had to say, and watch a demo video after the jump.

Before we get to our interview with Kieran, let’s learn a little more about what VidCaster does. Using VidCaster, you can easily create your own video site, which is hosted on the VidCaster platform, just as WordPress blogs are hosted on the WordPress platform. However, you can host your VidCaster site on your own domain so that it will appear to your end-users as your own. Another great thing about VidCaster is that it serves as a distribution tool as well, so you can distribute your videos easily to a number of different sites and devices with the click of a button, including YouTube,, Yahoo Video, DailyMotion, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Audio and Video Podcast, iPad, iPhone, Roku, Boxee, Tivo and more.

You can see and hear from Kieran about how VidCaster works in the demo video below, and then check out our interview.

Social Times: What types of content creators do you think VidCaster would be most valuable for?

Kieran Farr: We’re finding that corporate marketing departments are increasingly excited about video – whether it’s a tutorial screencast, a statement from the CEO or branded content.

Many of these companies soon realize that online video is quite a hassle – there are dozens of web video tools, from YouTube to analytics providers, video site customization, transcoding engines, etc. VidCaster combines all these tools into one simple interface, a huge timesaver for organizations creating and distributing even just a couple of videos a week.

Once freed of the technical limitations of online video management, our clients are finally free to explore more important questions: What do you want your video to do? Is your video doing the job you expect it do?

We’re excited to work with our clients to create video solutions that are not only simple to use, but also drive viewer behavior whether it be sales, viewership or other action-oriented goals.

ST: Do you have an official launch date set for VidCaster?

KF: We have already begun integrating our beta clients into the VidCaster system. We will be expanding to an invite-only network in October. We have not yet announced a general public release.

ST: Will the service cost money?

KF: VidCaster will be competitively priced similar to other standard online video service providers.

ST: How easy is it to customize and tweak your VidCaster site? Can anyone do it, or is a basic knowledge of CSS and other programming elements necessary?

KF: We have taken the same approach as popular blogging engines – we make customization as simple as choosing a theme and uploading your logo, or you can customize it using HTML and CSS. It’s up to you.

ST: What is Vid Network’s mission and how does VidCaster play into that?

KF: Our original mission was to publish quality video content to support the communities in which we live.

Our company continues to pursue this mission, while also now providing the tools for others to do so as well.