Make Your Own Music Video With CineBeat

Want to make a DIY music video for your band or even as a trailer for your book? Check out CineBeat, a new app from the San Francisco-based startup Smule. The iOS app promises to let you “turn your life into a music video.”

Using the app you can manipulate video that you shoot with your iPhone and cut it together with music that you have recorded elsewhere or you can use the app to automatically compose music to match your video. The app has 18 different visual and audio styles to choose from. The free app includes a number of audio filters that are available for in-app purchase.

Like most apps these days, there is a social component involved. CineBeat lets you share your creations with friends, as well as explore its own social community to get ideas. Here is a link to Smule’s community creations for you to explore further. (Via SFGate).