Make Your Own ‘Amercia’ Mittstagram

Misspelling now trending nationwide on Twitter

In an effort to connect with voters and drum up some digital grassroots support, the Romney campaign released its own clever little camera app to “customize photos with a variety of Mitt-inspired frames” to share with friends. Piggybacking off the success of photo sharing apps like Instagram, the goal of “With Mitt” is to bottle up the enthusiasm of Romney supporters and capture some real Americans celebrating America.

The upside? A series of shared, viral vignettes to energize the base. Oh, and there’s also a donation button built into the app. The downside? Apparently, spelling.

Last night, as word of the app spread, a few curious folks decided to test it out and noticed a tactical error in the app’s design. One of the most prominent photo filters, touting a key Romney catchphrase, misspells “America." The filter instead reads, “A Better Amercia,” and you can bet that the Internet is having some fun with this one. As with all political gaffes, “Amercia” has become a meme of its own and is even trending nationwide on Twitter.

Though a Romney spokesperson noted that “mistakes happen,” there is no doubt that the app is having quite possibly the opposite desired effect. This, of course, is the problem with creating viral content for the Internet. If you aren’t painstakingly careful, the social Web can work against you and turn good opportunities sour.