Make the Most Out of LinkedIn's New Features

LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals recently introduced some new features to its site that made it more and more like, well Facebook and MySpace. Although some may not like the new features for the simple reason that they have grown accustomed to the simplicity and straight forward feature of LinkedIn, but they have no choice but to accept these features. LinkedIn users might as well try to make the most of what they can out of these new features. So what are these features and how can LinkedIn members make use of these to their advantage?

Company News Feed

linkedincompanynews.jpgIf you are those LinkedIn members who put names of previous companies you’ve worked for as well as the name of the current company your are working with, then LinkedIn will serve you with links to news items about your companies, as well as news about the industry where those companies belong.

This new feature also culls the five most read news articles (or blog posts) about your companies and also let you browse through the articles that have been read by most of your colleagues.

So with the LinkedIn company news feature, you’ll get a complete history of the hot business topics in your profession. And as for your past employers, you can find out whether it is possible go back there since you can forecasts the directions those companies are taking based on the news articles that you get in your LinkedIn profile.

Customizable modules

LinkedIn has also redesigned its home page with a slicker look-and-feel. Together with this new home page design, LinkedIn is letting its members add 3 essential modules into their profiles – people, jobs, and answers. These 3 modules are useful for adding LinkedIn members, for job searching and for finding out about new knowledge and information from LinkedIn’s Answer service.