Make It a Double: Software Retargets TV Viewers Online

Aims to help brands coordinate television and digital ad buys

Collective today is announcing a marketing software product called TVA Channels, which helps brands retarget television viewers online via comScore's 250 top-rated websites. The New York-based company says the product will help marketers better coordinate TV and digital ad buys.

Its technology uses data from cable TV set-top boxes—deriving from a licensing agreement with Rentrak and TRA—and then anonymously pairs the viewers with data from a cookie pool, Collective says. For instance, via TVA Channels, an advertiser can utilize the system's cookie pool of Survivor watchers to target them via web-enabled devices.

Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective, said TVA Channels was built for the so-called second-screen era of consumer media habits. "Due to the mass audiences that tune in to television's most iconic shows—whether the highest-rated series or tent-pole programs in sports entertainment and news—these programs continue to be in big demand by marketers," he said in a statement. "But by breaking down silos to target these same viewers on digital screens, [we] can offer a game-changing way for advertisers to reach consumers before, during and after their favorite shows in order to take their ad campaigns to new heights."

TVA Channels is designed to complement Collective's TV Accelerator (TVA) product, which was built to help brands target audiences that have either seen or missed its TV ads (depending on the company's aim). According to Collective, the 16-month-old product has attracted 80 clients, including Bloomin' Brands' restaurant-chain properties Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill and Bonefish Grill.

Collective certainly isn't the only services company trying to connect the dots between TV and digital. Five months ago, Nielsen debuted an offering that's designed to let brands target online consumers based on their television and Web-viewing habits.