Make it a Blockbuster fight…

Pity Blockbuster. Very little good can be said about the world’s largest video store. Badly ailing, even raider Carl Icahn has said he no longer wants to play with this dead mouse. 057266477_netflix logo.JPG

Then comes news today that Netflix – the world’s largest mail-order movie service – is suing for patent infringement. As the LAT reports, “Among the Netflix innovations that Blockbuster allegedly copied: no late fees on movie rentals, allowing customers to get a new DVD as soon as they return one, and the online dynamic queue – a wish list for movies that subscribers can use to prioritize which films they want when.” BlockbusterLogo2004.jpg


Making lists? Is copyrighted?

Don’t get us wrong: We detest Blockbuster as much as the next guy, having financed much of Sumner Redstone’s third vacation home simply by not returning “The Object of My Affection” late in 1999. But this smacks of ‘piling on.’

Indeed, if Netflix wins this, we fully expect to see Coke sue Pepsi in a heartbeat. For among the things that Pepsi allegedly has copied from Coke: Fizziness, cola nut flavoring, and ‘dynamic portability’ – allowing customers to carry their soda out of the store and into the street in something called “a bottle.”