Make Free Conference Calls With Rondee

rondeeGoogle’s 2007 acquisition of GrandCentral guarantees that the free phone space will continue to grow, adding features that were once impossible for frugal individuals to enjoy.

Newcomer Rondee (a play on ‘rendezvous’) is taking the expense and equipment out of conference calling.

With no software to download, the Website allows you to schedule calls, see who is currently dialed in to your conference, save your contacts online, and even record your conference calls.

The service is 100% free. However, since Rondee is based in San Diego, folks outside the 619 area code will be subject to regular long-distance fees. Given the affordability of unlimited plans and the growing popularity of cell phone-only homes, the fees should be negligible. Before initiating a call, we do recommend pointing this out to your calls’ participants.

Anyone with a telephone can teleconference.

Registration is only required for the person initiating the call. Additional benefits of free registration include:

– When you dial-in from a registered phone number, you won’t have to enter your assigned Pin #.

– See all your upcoming and past Rondees at a glance

– Have Rondee store your contacts

Scheduling a “Rondee” is a breeze. Once you schedule your call, the system will e-mail invitations to each invitee. Upon accepting, a unique code is generated and shared with the participant so they can login. A unique URL, also shared with everyone, will show who is attending and who is not. Once it’s time for the call, each person dials 619-2-RONDEE and enters their code.

If the organizer of a call opts to record it, all participants will be notified. Additionally, they will all have access to the audio file. This seems like a great way for podcasters to record calls with multiple parties.

Maybe we should schedule a RotorBlog conference call to get feedback from our loyal readers?