Make Free Conference Calls on Facebook

Running a small business? Why not run your operation on Facebook? Maybe not totally but a new application has made it easier to run at least one portion of your business on Facebook: conference calls. The Free Conference Calls application makes it easy to set up conference calls. All that you need to do is create the conference, add the attendees and finalize the call.

The application utilizes your phone number as the identifier when calling in. One of the coolest features of the application is an AJAX box within the conference event page which displays callers that are present. You are also able to invite users based on their email address not just your Facebook friends. I tested it out and it worked flawlessly.

The Free Conference Call application is highly useful and leverages the standard Facebook interface design. One other cool feature of the application is the ability to host public events that anybody else on Facebook can participate in. I guess you can view it as a party line. If you make conference calls for your small business or for personal reasons, I highly recommend checking out the Free Conference Call application.