Make Family Night Fun with Suggestions from ThermoSpas

Hot tubs are an ideal place to spend time with your family, and ThermoSpas suggests using yours to unwind after work, hear about your kids’ days, and get closer with your partner. Put the distractions aside, keep your computers, cell phones, and tablets in the house, and enjoy a fun family night in your very own spa.

It often takes effort to keep your family close, but a hot tub can do half the work for you. It is a great place where daily distractions and responsibilities fade away and everyone can enjoy the relaxing sensation of the water. In addition, the close proximity you will all have will facilitate great conversation. The relaxing environment puts everyone at ease, making a hot tub the ideal place to get to know what is really going on in everyone’s lives.

Why Everyone Loves the Hot Tub

It is not often that parents find an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy together. But hot tubs are a rare and special exception. You can have fun during a backyard party, enjoy a little bit of alone time, or just spend one-on-one time with a younger child or teenager. Big hot tubs that welcome the whole family can do wonders for reconnection.

Kids want to play. When kids are encouraged to enjoy outdoor activities, like playing in the yard, they are more likely to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Your spa can help reinforce the importance of playing outside. Dad can cook a healthy meal at the grill, Mom and older kids can relax in the hot tub, and younger children can play nearby under their parents’ supervision. Your hot tub can act as the epicenter of a healthy, family-centric lifestyle.

Older adults enjoy spa therapy. Spas provide incredible health benefits, especially for older adults and those with arthritis or other ailments. They can provide pain relief, help improve mobility, and make everyday activities easier to accomplish. In fact, the hot tub company worked hand-in-hand with the Arthritis Foundation to develop a hot tub specifically for arthritis patients. Warm water therapy is not only enjoyable, but it is also a powerful tool in managing arthritis or other painful conditions.

Guests like to visit. You do not need to host a big party to enjoy your hot tub with friends. Extend an invitation and friends will start dropping by just to take a dip and enjoy quality conversation with you and your family.

Everyone likes a hot tub party. When the time comes to plan a party, your hot tub can be a focal point of the event. Even guests who do not want to get wet can still gather around and sit nearby to take part in the conversation and fun times you will share together.

Your spa or hot tub can make getting together with friends and family easier than ever. To make the most of your time, try some of these great activity tips to help you and your family enjoy quality hot tub time.

Have Great Conversation

Set up a family night in your hot tub and simply let the conversation flow. Once everyone is in the spa, ask each person to talk about the best parts of their day. Ask each family member to speak up if they need help reaching a special goal. From finishing chores to getting school supplies for a project, let everyone share their needs and give everyone else an opportunity to help out. Communication that focuses on each other can help create deeper connections and bring everyone in the family closer together.

This is especially helpful if there is a teenager in the home who feels misunderstood. Listening and putting your complete focus on your teen will help them feel like they really matter and that you understand what they are going through. Offer your support and let them talk about their day in a relaxing, soothing environment.