Make College Course Apps Out Of eBooks With JetPack

Purdue University in Indiana has a new app available in beta for publishers, authors and professors. The app lets users add photos, videos, calculators, Google Maps, quizzes and other such rich media content, to eBooks, in order to create academic “packs” for learning. Students can then read the content using the JetPack reader app. Both apps are available in iTunes and for Android.

We’ve embedded a video of the app above, which explains the kind of feedback that publishers can gain from the apps: “JetPack captures meaningful analytics, helping you discover important connections.”

Kyle Bowen, director of informatics for Information Technology at Purdue, claims that to make the content, “It’s as simple to do as putting content on a blog such as WordPress. At a basic level, if you want to just add images or video to the text, you can easily do that. On the other hand, if you are more advanced and you want to add interactive content, you can add a wide range of interactivity with HTML5.”