Make Another In a Series of Really Fun PETA Ads

Back now from a very long day. Boy, once you get back into the Midwest, you remember how impossibly flat this area is. One minute you’re in the rolling, lush green hills of Kentucky, the next, you’re surrounded by nothingness. Until, ahem, you reach Chicago that is. So briefly, before this writer gets to the important task of getting halfway unpacked and then decides that watching the Suns game is far more interesting, we found this little tidbit of amusing over at AdFreak. The Young Guns ad awards are coming up and last year the images all featured small animals devouring their adult counterparts. Get it? Of course you do. Now, this year, the big creative contest, the brief, is creating a campaign for PETA. Very odd. And extra strange to see the images side-by-side. We like this kind of thing. Very clever.