Make a PDF Interactive with Kno’s Evolve Interactive Learning Platform

Education software company Kno has introduced a new interactive publishing platform that publishers and authors can use to turn PDF files into interactive eBooks. The idea is for authors and publishers to be able to engage students throughout the learning process and evolve the content as students are working and responding to it.

Appropriately, the new suite of tools is called Evolve. Evolve is made up of a couple of different tools that textbook publishers can use to format books into eBooks and then add interactive elements to these digital titles including the Kno Book Enhancer, Kno Assessment and the Kno Ingest tool.

The Kno Ingest tool lets a publisher make a PDF interactive. The Kno Book Enhancer tool then lets a publisher enhance an existing eBook by adding new interactive elements such as videos, audio, websites, 3D objects, and calculators. So for example, a history book can be added to, as time passes and current events evolve a story. 

Another tool in the Evolve platform is Kno Assessment, which lets publishers make changes to chapter exercises and assignments in their books interactive. Here is more from the press release: “Kno Assessment includes the ability for publishers to author questions and assessments in a browser session, or import existing questions from their current systems. Kno supports multiple types of questions and each question can support student feedback like hints and remediation. Even more powerfully, publishers can easily sprinkle questions throughout their books providing immediate feedback to students at the moment they need it most.”