Make a collage of memories with Momentsia

Momentsia is a new iOS app from Madbits. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store — though searching for it on Google reveals that it was previously $0.99 at some point. It’s presently enjoying a feature spot in the New and Noteworthy section of the App Store front page in certain territories.

Momentsia is a simple photography app that allows its users to create attractive “collage” images quickly and easily, then share them via a variety of popular social networks.

Operating the app is simple — when it loads, it displays a default layout of tiles, which may be shifted to a new random arrangement by tapping a button in the lower-middle of the screen, and the border color changed from black to white and back again with another button. These patterns are made up of square and rectangular colored tiles by default, somewhat reminiscent of a Mondrian painting, but with a single tap any of the tiles may be replaced with a live image from either of the iPhone’s cameras. Tapping again when a shot has been framed within a tile takes a picture and fixes the image in place. The image may be replaced by tapping again to take another picture, or replaced with a picture from the user’s photo library by tapping and holding. Tapping and holding also appears to cycle through the previous photographs that have been taken for that tile, and also back to the colored rectangle if the user so desires. This functionality isn’t especially intuitive, but it at least allows users to try out several different alternatives to fill the frame without having to repeatedly try and re-take the same “perfect shot.”

The camera functionality for each tile allows for the use of either the front or back camera and also the flash if necessary, but it does not allow use of zoom. Given the small size of each tile, this will probably not be too much of an issue for most users, but it would have been nice for the option to be there.

Once an image has been created to the user’s satisfaction, it may be shared with others. Twitter and Facebook posting makes use of iOS 5 and 6’s built-in functionality respectively, while Instagram support is handled through the iOS “Open With…” function rather than directly connecting with the Instagram service itself. Images may also be sent via email or just saved to the user’s camera roll. All social shares carry the name of the app and the developer by default — though this may be deleted if desired — and when sent via email these are hyperlinked to the App Store and company website.

Momentsia is a good, simple app for creating collage-style images that works well with minimum fuss. It doesn’t clutter up its functionality with yet another unnecessary mobile-social network, and simply focuses on creating good-looking images with attractive, well-proportioned layouts. Its user interface isn’t the most intuitive — it would be nice to be able to pick a specific layout rather than selecting at random, for example, and the “tap and hold” mechanic to cycle through past “takes” is a little odd — but it’s relatively quick to adjust to, allowing users to concentrate on the creative aspect.

Momentsia is currently ranked at No. 237 in Top Free Photography Apps and No. 117 in Top Free iPad Photography Apps. Follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.