Major’s New Twitter Handle

At last the issue of NJ‘s Major Garrett’s new Twitter handle has been handled. As most know, Garrett recently left TV journalism for print. He left Fox News for NJ, where he will cover Congress. His previous handle was: @MajoratWH.

The new handle is: @MajoratNJ

> Update: Just this morning, he wrote, “Good morning, Tweeps. Here it is…1/2 of it, anyway. My new Twitter handle. Clever? Not really. But better than majorcongo or congomajor.”

Still, he’s off and climbing, with 24, 816 followers already in his clutches. More thoughts from Garrett and what he learned on his time off after the jump…

“I spent two weeks off the grid and looked around a bit — got out of my routine, if you will. Here’s the most important thing I learned.”

“I’m very lucky, quite probably undeservedly lucky. I’ve changed jobs in this economy on my terms and with great enthusiasm.”

“That makes me scandalously lucky. I will try to remember and appreciate this good fortune. TY, Tweeps, for following and awaiting my return.”