Majority of Marketers Say 2012 Olympics Logo Ineffective


Elsewhere in the world of big projects over in the UK, things still aren’t going so hot for Wolff Olins‘ controversial 2012 Olympics logo. According to Brand Republic, the Chartered Institute of Marketing has conducting a survey of advertising and marketing people about the branding, 57% of whom found that it “is not an effective design” and among those there were 30% who “feel strongly that it is ineffective.” Granted, these people are in the industry, not members of the general public, so they automatically feel like they’re experts on what they’re talking about, and, like the reason you sequester juries, they were all undoubtedly highly familiar with all of the uproar last year when the logo was unveiled, so take the beating of an already-injured horse for what it’s worth. Still, if you’re at Wolff Olins, as well as on the Olympic planning board, you have to be pretty sick of this constant negative press. But don’t worry too badly, dear Wolff people. It’ll all be over in four years.