Major Policy Enforcements Happening on Facebook Platform Ad Networks Tonight

We’re still confirming with the parties involved, but we’ve received multiple reports tonight that two major Facebook Platform ad networks have temporarily suspended operations tonight while they come into compliance with new Facebook Platform policy enforcements.

According to what we’re hearing, SocialReach and SocialHour notified publishers tonight that they would be in effect going into hiatus until the problems are fixed. As a result, developers are scrambling to fill their inventory from other Platform ad networks for the time being.

Facebook has been increasingly cracking down on Platform ad networks that make liberal use of profile pictures and data to increase conversion. Specifically, the policy enforcement team has been contacting ad networks lately instructing them to make sure they’re in the clear on two key issues:

  1. Misleading ad creative. Often times, some ad networks use friends’ photos or names in ads like “Can you beat their IQ score?” that falsely imply friends have previously engaged with the app or site being promoted.
  2. Putting user data in landing pages. Sometimes, ad networks have put Facebook profile photos in the landing pages users reach when they click on a Platform ad. This is also somewhat misleading and can violate Facebook’s privacy policy.

In general, Facebook is trying to clean up the image of ads on the Platform to maintain user trust. Obviously, it’s very challenging to do constant quality control on every ad network operating on the Platform.

As we get more information on the policy enforcements tonight, we’ll let you know.

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