Major Changes Ahead for WordPress for iPhone App?

The free WordPress for iPhone app lets you blog to a WordPress hosted or self-hosted blog from your iPhone. That assumes it works for you, of course. It hasn’t worked for me after the 1.1 or 1.2 upgrade last year. 1.0 worked fine for me, btw.

It looks like the firm that WordPress contracted to develop the app is working on a major update based on this item in the WordPress for iPhone blog…

A Change is in the Air

Here’s the list of items under consideration for an overhaul by Clear Interactive (the WordPress for iPhone developer)…

User Interface Overhaul

1. Home Screen
2. Adding a Blog
3. Editing a Blog
4. Removing a Blog
5. Change blog screen to use tab-bar navigation
6. Changing the way local drafts work and are represented

Comment Moderation

1. Activity Dashboard – Stream of consciousness for activity on a given blog
2. Ability to quickly approve/delete/mark as spam


1. Remember which blog I was working in. Go back to that blog when I restart the application