MajikWidget Beta

MajikWidget made an update on June 06 and now they offer their services in new quality. There is a lot of new features an updates starting from new logo and ending with code improvements.

Speaking about MajikWidget it is one of the best offers for bloggers to add some user features in their blogs. MajikWidget currently offers following three widgets: Star Ratings, Poll, and Links to New Browser Window.

The MajikWidget Blog also tells that they will add some features and widgets soon:

  • Standardized hit counters
  • Daily page view counters
  • Top 10 site referral widget
  • A few twists on the poll widget
  • Tag cloud widget

Solution Watch also is saying good things to the MajikWidget and I must agree with them:

I usually don’t review services such as MajikWidget, but simply put, I like MajikWidget because anyone can easily add a widget to any post on their blog without having to know any programming. It is as simple as copy and paste. I also like it for it’s unique credits system and how anyone can request a widget to be made, even though it will cost me after the 25 credits are used up (which will probably take me a long time).

If you are looking for more information about MajikWidget you can reed posts from Solution Watch and Guy Kawasaki blog.

The MajikWidget isn’t free – the price is 25$ for 500 credits, but they are giving 25 free credits on signup and I think it gives you chance to see if it works good four you.
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