MailChimp Integrates Facebook Likes Into Email Campaigns

Want to add like buttons into your email marketing campaigns? MailChimp, one of the fastest growing email newsletter platforms is preparing to release support for Facebook’s “Like” button as well as detailed analytics which tell you who’s clicking on likes, how many people clicked it, and how many people were referred from the like button. This form of detailed analytics will surely help any active email marketer.

While adding a like button is not much of a story in itself, this is the first service provider that we’ve seen add detailed analytics on like button activity. The company is also including integration with Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Flickr through the company’s Social Pro add-on. One of the more impressive features is the ability to group users by their level of “influence” (which we’re assuming is determined by number of friends).
Also included is demographic targeting. This is a huge step forward for email newsletters as social integration has long been missing from email. While there are services like NutshellMail (recently acquired by ConstantContact) which lets you receive a daily digest of your social activity elsewhere around the web, this is the first robust social media marketing suite that we’ve seen implemented by any of the leading email newsletter services.