MahShelf is a Social Network for Digital Comics and Manga

Fans of digital comics, manga and other graphic novels get a social networking site of their own in Mahshelf. Founded by 3 university students from Finland, Mahshelf offers a fresh, quick-reading environment for fans of online comics worldwide.

Mahshelf is a pretty straight forward social network which allows you to create your own Library and publish your own online comics, manga or graphic books to share with friends and family. If you’ve been wanting to get your manga or online comics creation, Mahshelf gives you that chance to get published.

So, how does it work? Mahshel allows you to upload images of your manga or graphic novel and then bind them together to form an online book. This combined pages which forms your book can then be read using Flash application that lets you flip through the pages. You can also embed your manga comics or books on your own site or blog by getting the embed code and pasting it on a page in your sites.

Aside from uploading images of your books and manga, Mahshelf also allows you to rate book uploaded by other members, comment on books, suggest books and favorite books they see on Mahshelf.

Registering to use Mahshelf is free of charge and you can upload books quickly as soon as you’ve signed-up. Mahshelf is however stict on enforcing copyright rules. So make sure that you are uploading your own creative work and not somebody else.