Mahjong Trails developer MegaZebra reveals Diamond Slots on Facebook

Image via MegaZebra

Mahjong Trails and Solitaire Castle developer MegaZebra has revealed its upcoming Facebook game Diamond Slots, offering a twist on traditional slot machine games as players work to earn experience points relating to diamonds and bonus games, rather than standard experience point levels.

Players in Diamond Slots start with a single Pirates slot machine, which can be customized in terms of bet per line and number of lines. A ship at the top of the screen moves across the ocean with each spin, picking up items including experience points and bonus coins.

Image via MegaZebra

Experience points fill a bar at the top of the screen. Once full, players unlock a diamond for that particular slot machine, and the bar empties to be filled once again. From then on, players will have a chance for their ship to pick up bombs alongside those bonus coins and experience points.

Bombs are used in a mini-game, and freeze specific symbols on the slot machine in a constant “wild card” state. Therefore, the more diamonds players unlock on each machine, the more bombs they can collect, and the more “wild” spaces they’ll have available during the machine’s bonus game.

As players collect specific numbers of diamonds, they’ll unlock new slot machines and can continue the cycle on machines with different themes, like an African Safari or Mayan Civilization. Instead of bombs, the Safari machine offers photographs as bonus items, and so on. Different machines also offer higher maximum bets as players start to grow their in-game coin counts.

While Diamond Slots doesn’t come with a great deal of slot machines right now, the game hasn’t officially launched, and at least one more slot machine is marked as “coming soon.”

Diamond Slots is currently available in soft-launch on Facebook, with the game’s final launch expected to hit sometime before the end of 2013. Check back soon to track Diamond Slots on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.