Magpie Says Goodbye, Acquired by Florida Social Media Marketing Company

I ran into Magpie back in 2008, when I first started using Twitter. The company sought to help users monetize their Twitter accounts by offering integrated in-stream advertising. It sucked. My friends complained about the ads, and I didn’t make any real cash anyway. Ultimately, I abandoned the service. Magpie didn’t go away, however … until last week. The service announced an acquisition by IZEA.

According to the email sent by Magpie, IZEA is a Florida-based company that provides social media marketing solutions. Magpie is being folded into IZEA’s SponsoredTweets service.

Magpie – Join the Conversation from Magpie & Friends Ltd. on Vimeo.

You’ll find the full message from Magpie below:

Dear user:


This message contains important information about your Magpie account, please take a moment and read it carefully.


We are excited to announce that Magpie has been acquired by IZEA. Based in sunny Florida, U.S.A., IZEA are leaders in sponsored conversations. They’ve built numerous platforms which connect brands and influencers on different levels and all kinds of social networks. Today, Magpie is joining IZEA and our network will be merged with their SponsoredTweets service.

SponsoredTweets will be the new home for all Magpie advertisers and twitterers. Our teams have been working hard behind the scenes to make your transition as smooth as possible and just today, all Magpie accounts have been transferred, including their respective account balances.

This means that starting today and no matter if you’re an advertiser or a twitterer, you will able to use your existing Magpie credentials to log on to SponsoredTweets and access your account.

Advertisers, please login here using your Magpie credentials:

Twitterers, simply use your Twitter credentials for login:

Your Magpie credentials will continue to work on for a while for you to verify your account and balance have been moved over correctly. You will not be able to make deposits or withdrawals at Magpie, neither will you be able to create new campaigns or accept tweets. Please use the Sponsored Tweets platform for this from today on.

As many of you may remember, Magpie has started 3 years ago as the first service to offer in-stream ads on Twitter. With your participation and feedback, we have developed a vital marketplace connecting twitterers and advertisers. We have truly enjoyed this journey and thank you all for your support. We are grateful for these past 3 years and will miss you guys! When we decided we needed to move on to something new, we took the time to talk with many companies who were a potential new home for Magpie. We decided in favor of IZEA because we are certain that you will have as much fun and success with SponsoredTweets as you had with Magpie.

We wish you guys all the best. Thanks again for having been part of this!

Boris & Jan

Magpie & Friends Ltd.