Magpi Launches Version 2.0 of Mobile Data Collection Platform

magpi 650

Magpi, formerly DataDyne, has announced the launch of Magpi 2.0, its platform for creating form-based mobile apps and outgoing SMS and voice messages. While the data-collection company is widely used by global health and international development companies, this release sees the company turning its focus to commercial markets. Using Magpi 2.0, companies can not only save time via digital, rather than pen-and-paper data collection, but will also reduce their environmental impact by using less paper.

Magpi is targeted at companies that need their users to complete “surveys, inspections, compliance audits, research, supply chain management, geo-data information collection” and more. The platform allows companies to create those mobile forms and send them to any mobile device in a short amount of time. In addition, companies can create mass SMS or voice messaging campaigns, which can be broadcast in any language, without the need to work through local carriers.

Some real-world examples might see a company surveying consumers about their political views before an upcoming election, or a teacher using forms to track student attendance or grades, without the need for paper books. In this school example, data could be sent to the district’s administrators, who can analyze the data more quickly than with a paper-based system.

This new version of Magpi includes a variety of new features, including support for auto-updates and auto-syncing of content across devices. That is, any form changes made via Magpi, or any entirely new forms that are created, are sent automatically to devices in the wild. In addition, SMS or voice messages can be timed based on a recipient’s age, appointments, or another key date.

Magpi’s forms are compatible with iOS, Android and Symbian devices.

“We’re excited to reintroduce ourselves as Magpi and unveil the next generation of our award-winning product with new features,” said Dr. Joel Selanikio, co-founder and CEO of Magpi. “Field workers across the globe use Magpi to collect and communicate information, saving time, money, and lives, and we are committed to positively impacting the world through technology.”