Magnetic Words for Your Profile

Magnetic WordsI just stumbled upon the next insanely viral application. Just about everyone knows someone that has those fun magnetic words that you put on your kitchen and make funny sentences with. I know that I end up playing with them for at least a few minutes each time I see them. Currently there are only a couple problems with the application. My primary issue is that once it is displayed on your profile users must click through to the application page to make any changes. Conversely, that is probably the biggest viral component of this application. It is pretty awesome that your friends can come and switch up what is being displayed on your profile. Another cool feature that they could add is the ability to have an obscenity on/off switch. There are various types of magnetic words sold in stores and I think users should also be able to chose what types of words they want to have displayed. Finally, there is no way to add your own words. That would be a great feature but I can only imagine the server load of trying to handle everyone’s word requests. This application will surely have millions of users within a matter of days. Since I started writing this post, the application has grown from 8,000 to 11,000 users. Pretty darn amazing! If you want your friends to spend a little more time on your profile page, go grab the Magnetic Words application.