Magmic brings classic card game Phase 10 to Facebook

phase-10-650Image via Magmic

Casual game developer Magmic has announced the launch of the official Phase 10 game on Facebook, bringing the classic card game to life on a new platform, after successful launches on iOS, Google Play, the Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry.

The Phase 10 Facebook app offers players a chance to compete against computer controlled characters across all ten “phases” of the original game. These will ask players to make sets of cards that have matching numbers or colors, or runs of cards that follow a numerical sequence.

Play is turn-based, with players drawing and discarding cards from a large deck, planning all of their sets and runs before ever playing a card to the common area. This allows players to inadvertently “go after” the same numbers and colors of cards as other players, which brings an element of strategy to the game.

After each game has progressed through all ten phases, players’ scores will be added to the in-game leaderboard, allowing them to compare their own skills against friends.

The Facebook app unfortunately doesn’t have a built-in tutorial, though a simplified rulebook is tucked away in the pause menu. The game also lacks support for real-world multiplayer games, which seems odd given its release on so many inherently social platforms. However, Magmic has confirmed to Inside Social Games that multiplayer will come to both the mobile and Facebook versions in the future. An in-game tutorial is also being developed.

While both the mobile and Facebook versions of Phase 10 lack multiplayer, interested players can now try the game for free on Facebook (the full version on mobile costs $0.99). You can follow the game’s progress on AppData, our tracking tool for social and mobile apps and developers.