Our NFL Team Name Suggestions Include the Los Angeles Residuals

The media gauntlet has been thrown down over the possibility of Los Angeles finally getting back in the NFL game. Fueling the fire is yesterday’s ESPN.com chat about two LA groups having expressed interest in the Minnesota Vikings, and Magic Johnson separately telling Jimmy Kimmel last night that he is partnering on the football front with AEG.

Given the ongoing renaissance of downtown and rumblings of a stadium in the city of Industry, it really does seem like only a matter of time before LA hooks up with another NFL lady. Which begs the hundred million dollar branding question – after the Rams and Raiders, what should our next NFL team be called?

Here are a few random possibilities, grouped thematically:

The Los Angeles VIPs
The Los Angeles A-Listers
The Los Angeles Marquee

The Los Angeles Moguls
The Los Angeles Billionaires
The Los Angeles Filthy Rich

The Los Angeles Ingenues
The Los Angeles Wannabes
The Los Angeles Residuals

Thoughts? We’re partial to Residuals, which would continue the proud tradition of “R” named LA NFL Teams.