UC Berkeley Hosts Haiti Photo Exhibition

"Dancing on Fire" runs through May 1.

It’s only fitting that a wonderful photo was taken Thursday at the opening of “Dancing on Fire,” a UC Berkeley exhibit of 66 portraits of Haiti by Maggie Steber.


On the left is Ken Light, Reva and David Logan professor of photojournalism. On the right, his UC Berkeley colleague Mark Danner, a longtime former staff writer at The New Yorker who now teaches English and journalism. And in the middle, veteran documentary photographer Steber. From the program notes for the exhibit, which runs through May 1:

Haiti’s tumultuous history is encapsulated in Maggie Steber’s vivid color photographs. They go beyond the calamity turbulence and ecological and social disaster to show the heroism of the people as they dream of freedom and modest prosperity. She has recorded the mystery and magical beauty of Voodoo and Haitian daily life, defined by an uncanny elegance and courage. Her eye is both unflinching and generous, illuminating a struggle of tragic dimensions.

Danner, who did a Q&A with Steber at the April 14 opening, has written a number of books including The Massacre at El Mozote, an expansion of one of his New Yorker articles. Light meanwhile just received a citation for his fall 2015 tome What’s Going On? 1969-1974.

Photo, by graduate journalism student Martin Totland, via: @ucbsoj