Magazines Struggle to ‘Go Green’

green magazine.jpgWe couldn’t make it to last week’s Society of Publication Designers-sponsored panel on the greening of magazines (no relation to Green Magazine, “the only monthly publication devoted to John Deere enthusiasts”), but we thought it a fitting day to point you to our brother blog, FishbowlNY, for coverage of the discussion.

The take-home message seems to have been rather pessimistic, and things kicked off with Todd Paglia, executive director of ForestEthics, relaying the facts, notably that worldwide magazine production gobbles up 200 million trees a year, all the while printing “green issues” on non-recycled paper. And did you know that 95% of magazines printed in the United States contain no recycled content? Meanwhile, Gary Cosimini, business development director at Adobe Systems, focused on Adobe’s initatives to bring magazines online, including the Indigo program, which allows designers to add interactive features to each page. For more on the panel, which also included Frank Locantore (director of the Magazine PAPER project) and Scott Stowell (design director of GOOD Magazine), check out FishbowlNY.