Magazine Test-Runs Live Debate

Late last week Miller-McCune magazine tackled lobbying in its first-ever live debate in D.C.  It was a bit of test-run, organizers say. Expect another down the road in November in Manhattan – the details of which are still brewing.

Stemming from an article in the September/October 2010 issue questioning the effectiveness of lobbying, the debate featured the author of the research, Frank Baumgartner, and two professional lobbyists—Craig Holman from Public Citizen and Rolf Lundberg from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  With a variety of guests—reps from Politico, CQ Press, Georgetown University, American Bar Association and GritTV mixed with readers, lobbyists and others—the event convened a wide range of perspectives.

Public Citizen and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobby against each other at every turn, so they had sharply opposing viewpoints.  Remarked one attendee: “At one point, Rolf quipped that the only time he and Craig had ever been on the same side was sitting on the same side of that stage.”