Magazine Publishers: ‘We No Longer Feel Terrified’

The magazine market is finally turning around, and yes, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
The Magazine Publishers of America’s Chuck McCullagh has been traveling the country meeting with magazine publishers for the past few months. What’s he found? Besides one publisher in San Francisco who made the above comment, he’s seen what looks like innovation…a good sign for the industry and the people it employs.
“Digital is part of the schema. Ad Networks are not much of a factor but the lack of online inventory is. Cross-platform selling is the norm rather than the exception….Everywhere I went, iPads were on display. There’s no lack of experimentation with this screen…If there is one large ray of hope for publishers of late, it is their ability to sell subscriptions to print magazines via their branded web sites. This is good news indeed. I was really quite surprised to learn, especially during my stop in Boulder, about how sophisticated publishers are becoming in online audience development, email marketing practices and the development of strategies that will make them less dependent on the US Post Office. Bob Kaslik, audience development executive at Aspire, provided a fascinating ‘tutorial’ on the subject within full view of the mountains. Attendees were so interested they let the beer get warm.”
Warm beer? Perish the thought. But hey, it’s comforting to know that warm beer may now be more terrifying than the economic climate.