Magazine Editors REALLY On Their Own

We think of magazines as big, often sprawling enterprises that take a good team to put together. Even small magazines have an editor, a few in-house writers (or at least an editorial assistant, right?), a photographer and a designer..right?

Maybe not!

At least 30 attendees at the 2009 Association Media & Publishing (formerly SNAP) conference in June said that they’re the only person responsible for their association’s magazine, folio: reports. That can be stressful, especially when budgets are shrinking.

Folio: goes into some tips to get content for free (ask ProfNet sources to write articles in exchange for a byline; publish a book excerpt with the permission of the author, etc etc) but really, filling the pages of the magazine and staying within budget seems like the easiest part. Running a mag by yourself is, we imagine, a lot like running your own business—you’ve got nobody to sympathize with you, nobody to delegate work to. You’re on your own.

Perhaps that’s why the panelists at AMP started a Yahoo Group to provide support to solos. Join AloneAtTheHelm—brand new, get in on the ground floor—if you’re managing an entire magazine on your own.