Magazine Cover of the Week: TIME’s ‘Most Interesting Man in Politics’

rand-paul2It’s Friday, almost the weekend, and therefore, time to gather up your reading list…everything you saw this week but didn’t have time to actually read.

This week, FishbowlDC presents the latest issue of TIME magazine, and its cover story, “The Reinventions of Rand Paul.”

Its cover deems the Republican Senator from Kentucky “the most interesting man in politics,” and inside, TIME’s Washington bureau chief Michael Scherer writes:

“He helped lead Republicans in opposition to President Obama’s 2013 request to bomb Syria as punishment for using chemical weapons and supports giving legal work status (and eventual citizenship) to undocumented immigrants in the U.S., as long as the border is first secured and fair-wage rules favored by unions are undone. He opposes longtime Republican efforts to limit ballot access and calls for nonviolent felons to have their voting rights returned after their sentences are served. With each of these positions, he is trying to scramble the math and broaden his party’s appeal, all the while causing headaches for the political consultants preparing for another chaotic Republican nomination fight.”

Check it out on newsstands today or for subscribers, online here.