Magazine Cover of the Week: TIME’s ‘Answers Issue’

answers-coverIt’s Friday, almost the long Labor Day weekend, and therefore, time to gather up your reading list…everything you saw this week but didn’t have time to actually read.

This week, we propose the latest issue of TIME magazine, and it’s special double issue that claims to answer “everything you didn’t know you needed to know.”

In Michael Grunwald’s cover story “The Second Age of Reason, he writes, “We’re living in a golden age of answers… [E]verything we do—every online purchase, e-prescription and tweet—adds to the digital tsunami known as Big Data. That can sound ominous, but Big Data is producing better information, not just more information, about our economy, our health and everything else, because we have better tools for slicing and dicing data, for searching, sifting and sorting through the barrage of keystrokes….In this issue, we’ve tried to use the new tools and data sets at our disposal to ask and answer questions that seemed important…We also used data to investigate the issues that define our times and tell us who we are. But what’s most exciting about our age of answers is its potential to change the quality of our lives.”

The interactive online edition explains why humans don’t get heart cancer, what are the safest and most dangerous counties in America, and where at baseball stadiums throughout the country are you most likely to catch a foul ball.

For more, see newsstands, or subscribers can read it online.