Magazine Cover of the Week: NYTimes Mag’s Explores the ‘Major Threat’

10cover_type-blog480-2It’s Friday, almost the weekend, and therefore, time to gather up your reading list…everything you saw but didn’t have time to actually read.

This week we bring you The New York Times Magazine which asks “Has the ‘Libertarian Moment’ Finally Arrived?”

“Libertarians, who long have relished their role as acerbic sideline critics of American political theater, now find themselves and their movement thrust into the middle of it,” writes Robert Draper in this week’s cover story. “For decades their ideas have had serious backing financially (most prominently by the Koch brothers, one of whom, David H., ran as vice president on the 1980 Libertarian Party ticket), intellectually (by way of policy shops like the Cato Institute and C.E.I.) and in the media (through platforms like Reason and, as of last year, “The Independents”). But today, for perhaps the first time, the libertarian movement appears to have genuine political momentum on its side.”

The piece opens with a conversation in which Fox Business Network’s Lisa Kennedy Montgomery equates Ron Paul to Nirvana, Rand Paul to Pearl Jam, and Ted Cruz to the Stone Temple Pilots, the exact definition of a perfect Sunday read.

For more, check it out online, or on newsstands Sunday.