Magazine Article Draws Legal Motions From Facebook

Yesterday, I covered an article in 02318 magazine that exposed more information about the ConnectU vs. Facebook legal battle. Vauhini Vara has written that “Facebook’s lawyers notified 02138, an independent magazine geared at Harvard alumni, of two separate emergency motions that would require the magazine to take down from its Web site several documents related to a legal battle against Facebook over the company’s origins.”

Excerpts of Mark Zuckerberg’s journal was published and some of the statements revealed are not too friendly. “I almost want to put some of these faces next to pictures of farm animals and have people vote on which is more attractive,” Zuckerberg stated in discussing some of the student’s picitures in the online directory. His harsh comments may have been a result of one too many drinks based on statements Zuckerberg made himself.

According to Vauhini Vara, a freelance reporter for 02318 was able to obtain a lot of the information through court documents provided to him by a clerk at the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts in Boston. Facebook wants the documents to be taken down to avoid the mud slinging that has taken place. Honestly, I think the damage has already been done and Facebook is now simply drawing more attention to the issue.

I can understand why Facebook would want these documents to be taken down though. The image portrayed by the 02318 article was not a good one. The magazine’s founder has stated that they have no intention of taking down the documents. The documents have now been cached by Google and are in public domain. I think Facebook is wasting their time on this one. Do you think Facebook should continue to fight to have the documents taken down?

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