Magazine Ads on the Rise, With a Little Help From the iPad

The magazine industry has already seen a huge boost from the help of the iPad as advertising pages have raised substantially this year. According to The Wall Street Journal, 12 of 15 major beauty magazines saw their ad pages increase in September, compared to last year’s September issues.
In part, advertisers wanting to get a piece of the iPad versions of the magazine have helped the increase in sold pages
While the pages have increased, it does not come near 2007 page levels. According to the WSJ piece, the September 2007 issue of Vogue had 725 pages of advertisements, while this September, the Vogue issue has more than 530 pages of advertisements.
But it seems like that’s the new norm in the industry. “After you’ve had a crisis or a dip in the market I think you have to look forward. You can’t look backwards,” said vice president and publisher of Vogue Susan Plagemann to the WSJ.
If one does decided to look a little backwards, hopefully those iPad sales make up for the loss of those 200 ad pages. Then magazine publishers, writers, editors, etc. can look backwards and see improvement.