Mag+ launches Version 5.0 of mobile digital publishing platform

Digital publishing company Mag+ has announced the launch of version 5.0 of its platform, giving developers more choices and tools for creating mobile apps that offer high user engagement. This version’s main new upgrades include a better in-app storefront for driving downloads, alongside a real-time news feed.

This update includes a more customizable storefront, which offers more space for highlighting content, like featured issues of magazines, promotional banners and content previews. The news feed is powered by Appboy, which partnered with Mag+ in August to bring increased user engagement and targeting power to the Mag+ platform.

Apps can offer push notifications, promotions (including cross-app promotions), and in-app notifications, as well as the in-app news feed items which are specifically targeted to readers based on the actions they’ve completed previously within the app.


“With these new features, our customers’ apps are no longer simple tools for distributing issues and documents but rather comprehensive communication hubs, that can reach users through a variety of channels” said Mike Haney, co-founder and chief creative officer of Mag+. “Whether you’re publishing magazines, sales enablement tools or employee communications, our aim is to give you more ways to engage your users and increase your downloads or sales.”

In addition, Mag+ 5.0 now works with eMagazines Insight, which helps developers determine the best marketing campaigns for driving installs and purchases within apps. Marketing campaigns see app download links added to email newsletters, in-app cross-promotional ads and banner ads, and eMagazines Insight then tracks the clicks on those links, as well as actual fulfilled downloads.

This 5.0 upgrade is now available to Mag+’s existing customers at no additional charge. More information on the platform and its updates can be found on the Mag+ website.