MAG Interactive Celebrates Ruzzle’s Third Birthday with Major Game Update

Ruzzle's community of 10 million active gamers now have access to tournaments, customizable avatars, gameplay statistics and more.

MAG Interactive is celebrating the third birthday of its first mobile game, Ruzzle, by launching a brand new version of the game on iOS and Android devices. The Boggle-style word game challenges players to find as many words as they can in each round using a randomized assortment of letter tiles, and has been downloaded over 55 million times since its release in March 2012.
RuzzleThe Ruzzle 2.0 update focuses on enhancing the experience of both casual and hardcore Ruzzle fans, by introducing multiplayer tournaments alongside functionality for driving competition against oneself. First, a level progression system has been added to the game, challenging players to reach new personal records and high scores. Users will unlock new features as they earn levels, adding more depth to the experience.
Next, players will be able to update their avatars within the game, creating what MAG Interactive hopes is a more personalized gaming experience for its users. Widgets are also available, which track a user’s personal gameplay statistics.
Elsewhere, gamers can use the coins and ink they earn while playing the game to see all of the possible words in the previous round, or access features like a speedometer, which records the rate at which they find words during rounds. The goal of these features, says MAG Interactive, is to help users improve their word-finding skills.
Finally, a tournament system allows gamers to compete with up to 19 other players. The feature is unlocked once players reach level six, and users can earn up to 100 coins in each tournament, depending on their final standing. These tournaments are fast-paced, with rounds lasting just one minute, instead of the usual two.
Over 20 billion rounds of Ruzzle have been played since launch. The game boasts 10 million active users, and of the game’s very first 800 players, an impressive 10 percent are still regularly active within the app. Since the update was released last week, player engagement has increased 100 percent and revenue is up 500 percent.
Ruzzle is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.