Mafia Wars Connects Players Through Text Messaging

One of social gaming’s biggest games, Zynga’s Mafia Wars, is now offering players the ability to connect and play the game through text messaging. Users will be able to fight opponents, perform jobs, visit the hospital or move their money all from their cell phone.

The text message updates will update the Mafia Wars world in real time and users must of course have a Facebook and Mafia Wars account so sign up for the service. The service is free and is provided on all major service providers. Zynga provides details on the sign up below:

To sign up for Mafia Wars SMS, please visit Mafia Wars on Facebook. Click on help button, select SMS Mobile from the menu, and enter your mobile phone number on the sign-up page. Users can manage the time and frequency they receive SMS messages by selecting the settings button on the Mafia Wars’s SMS mobile page on Facebook.

Shown below is the list of Mafia Wars commands that registered users can text commands to MAFIA (62342).

AAssist a mafia member on a job
BBank balance in your current city
CCollect money from your New York properties
D + amountDeposit the specified amount into the bank in your current city. Example: D 100
FFight someone on your fight list
FFFight your last opponent again
HHeal yourself in the hospital (costs cash)
JDo a job. Currently only New York and Cuba jobs are supported
JJDo your last job again
PEPurchase Energy Refill (costs 10 reward points)
PSPurchase Stamina Refill (costs 10 reward points)
RRetaliate against the last person that attacked you
SGet your vital stats
W + amountWithdraw the specified amount from the bank in your current city. Example: W 100
XPause alerts for the next 3 hours