Mafia Wars, Slotomania on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

This week’s list of fastest growing games on Facebook based on monthly active users is dominated by Mafia Wars. Zynga’s mature mobster title grew by 3.6 million players in the last week, which was more than double the second game on the list — Monopoly Millionaires. According to AppData, our metrics tool for analyzing the top games on Facebook, Mafia Wars had a suspicious random spike in traffic over the weekend which could be due to a cross-promotion or ad spend. At its peak, Mafia Wars reached 28 million MAU, but has been slowly losing players (as is natural for an older game) and is now played by 16 million MAU.

Monopoly Millionaires is still growing strong. Its daily and monthly active players charts are still growing steadily every day, however its DAU/MAU percentage is now settling to only 14-15%, substantially lower than highly engaging games such as CityVille.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Mafia Wars Game 16,121,602 +3,616,574 +29%
2. Monopoly Millionaires 4,198,347 +1,251,329 +42%
3. Monster Galaxy 7,541,569 +1,024,651 +16%
4. Zuma Blitz 6,350,146 +613,195 +11%
5. 開心探寶 890,286 +553,380 +164%
6. Birthday Cards 8,401,326 +531,731 +7%
7. Gourmet Ranch 2,325,500 +501,229 +27%
8. Daily Horoscope 3,139,948 +481,345 +18%
9. 德州撲克(中文版) 4,477,123 +467,937 +12%
10. Spot The Difference 962,632 +357,269 +59%
11. Games 7,831,386 +341,931 +5%
12. Zoo World 5,960,628 +326,645 +6%
13. Super Billares 1,064,721 +308,901 +41%
14. Fish World 1,138,770 +304,257 +36%
15. Mynet Çanak Okey 3,122,038 +301,343 +11%
16. NBA Legend: Official NBA Game 585,446 +298,340 +104%
17. Komşu Çiftlik 3,102,791 +252,895 +9%
18. Pirates Saga 864,625 +223,418 +35%
19. Slotomania – Slot Machines 1,020,291 +205,493 +25%
20. Galaxy Online II 790,416 +188,672 +31%

Games is a game portal released in December of 2009 by Game Show Network. It features many simple colorful Flash games with leaderboards and a single currency to tie them all together. Most of the games are reskinned versions of other popular casual games, such as Bejeweled clones and hidden object games. It also contains officially branded titles such Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Games has a higher retention than many other Flash games portals, with over 20% of their monthly active players logging in each day to play.

Slotomania is a slot machine game developed by Playtika. Released in December 2010, this addicting little game has been steadily growing and has just passed the 1 million MAU mark. Slotomania is decently polished and allows players to level up and unlock prizes and new games. At the beginning players can only play Farm Fortune but as they play and earn levels they can unlock slot games like Magic Forest and Cat Chef.  There is also a game where players spin the slot reel and try to match up pictures of their friends’ faces.  Slotomania is a very engaging game with 28% to 30% DAU as a percentage of MAU, a benchmark that most casino-style games have failed to achieve.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.