Mafia Wars Promotion Places It On Top Of This Week’s List of Top Growing Games by DAU

Excluding Daily Horoscope (which isn’t actually a game), Mafia Wars is back on top of the fastest growing Facebook games by daily active users this week. A heavy promotion for the game has placed a link to Mafia Wars along the bottom of CityVille, helping to spur massive new growth. The cross-promotion does appear to have come to an end, and Mafia Wars is heading back to its normal traffic numbers.

Monster Galaxy, the Gaia Online pet fighting game inspired by Pokemon, has been having some ups and downs this month according to AppData (our platform for monitoring and analyzing the top Facebook games). This week, Monster Galaxy has made up for the downs with a decent spike in player traffic — the game now has over 800,000 DAU and just under 8 million monthly active users.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1. Daily Horoscope962,558+637,547+196%
2. Mafia Wars Game2,688,709+409,468+18%
3. Monster Galaxy804,490+163,921+26%
4. Diamond Dash94,956+94,939+558,465%
5. Monopoly Millionaires642,588+86,126+15%
6. Pet Society1,677,049+58,518+4%
7. Galaxy Online II 133,382+57,340+75%
8. Dragon Age Legends98,623+51,161+108%
9. Slotomania – Slot Machines284,676+44,734+19%
10. Komşu Şehir73,065+43,828+150%
11. Miscrits: World of Adventure221,142+42,088+24%
12. Crazy Taxi65,096+41,421+175%
13. World War103,345+40,393+64%
14. FarmVille 中文版492,151+39,298+9%
15. NBA Legend: Official NBA Game125,662+39,162+45%
16. Dragons of Atlantis363,520+32,581+10%
17. 無限德州撲克166,109+32,152+24%
18. Treasure Land40,099+29,994+297%
19. Battle Pirates31,845+28,522+858%
20. Foursquare331,211+27,670+9%

Treasure Land is a treasure hunting game released by Kudos Media in November that has only started to take off. Kudos Media have been developing non-game applications such as Astrology, and this is their first Flash game attempt on Facebook. It is a surprisingly good first effort — though the gameplay is nearly identical to titles like Treasure Isle or Treasure Madness, Treasure Land is very polished and well-paced. Instead of focusing on exploring tropical islands, Treasure Land puts players within ancient tombs. It features a deeper story similar to FrontierVille, in that players have to complete objectives in order to uncover more pieces of puzzles or stories. Treasure Land itself is still rather small with only 170,000 MAU and 38,000 DAU, but it is a good enough game with all of the elements in the right place.

Diamond Dash is a brand new puzzle game by Wooga. Diamond Dash’s objective is to click on groups of consecutive like-colored puzzle pieces to remove them from the game board, similar to Collapse. Doing this quickly will give players a “Magic Fire” boost that adds a multiplier to their score. Players level up by completing games and can invite friends to join them in weekly tournaments. When we reviewed this game last week, we noted that Wooga have put a hard cap on progression by only allowing players to reach level 4. This was done in an attempt to garner early feedback about Diamond Dash to help guide the development of the game. Right now, Diamond Dash is a rather simple arcade game, but there are plans to add more levels next week and deeper game mechanics at an unknown point. Wooga have been doing well — this is their 6th game on Facebook and they are currently the 5th largest developer.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.