Mafia Wars 2, Bubble Witch Saga Top This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Games by MAU

We’re back with our weekly rankings this week and it’s Mafia Wars 2 at the top the list for fastest-growing games by monthly active users. Bubble Witch Saga and Happy Elements’ 開心水族箱 (the Chinese language version of My Fishbowl) round out the top three.

Thanks to an October 14 update from Facebook on how active users are counted, we suspended rankings posts for a week while the numbers adjusted. A great deal of games appeared to drop dramatically in monthly active users (see Social Empires chart below), but we found that many of the newer games to Facebook seen here on this week’s list were not affected.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1.  Mafia Wars 28,000,000+837,909+40,072%
2.  Bubble Witch Saga4,700,000+566,980+20%
3.  開心水族箱3,500,000+500,000+17%
4.  Ravenskye City2,200,000+442,220+1,592%
5.  Social Empires4,000,000+300,000+8%
6.  Texas HoldEm Poker29,300,000+300,000+1%
7.  Bubble Saga5,600,000+200,000+4%
8.  MindJolt Games5,000,000+200,000+4%
9.  Spa Life440,000+110,000+33%
10.  JackpotJoy Slot Machines1,700,000+100,000+6%
11.  المزرعة السعيدة1,800,000+100,000+6%
12.  Slotomania – Slot Machines5,000,000+100,000+2%
13.  Tetris Battle5,900,000+100,000+2%
14.  Diamond Dash10,100,000+100,000+1.0%
15.  Miner Speed1,300,000+100,000+8%
16.  Mahjong Saga3,000,000+100,000+3%
17.  Bubble Speed1,100,000+100,000+10%
18.  ไพ่เท็กซัส1,200,000+100,000+9%
19.  King.com1,500,000+100,000+7%
20.  Cafe Life1,100,000+100,000+10%

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All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.