Maerdar 3.0: Reactions On Radar‘s Re-Re-Relaunch


  • Gawker: “Kudos to the usually loquacious Maer Roshan, who in this latest Radar go-round has successfully restrained himself from any pronouncements about its rebirth. Until today.”
  • Fine On Media: “Times Headline: Radar Rises From The Ashes. Riposte From Former Radar Writer: Ashes Say ‘Good Riddance.'”
  • Jossip: “ is back offline. The site has gone on and off so many times, it’s been like watching Courtney Love try to stay sober.”
  • Online Press Gazette: “Some publications never give up trying.”
  • Mediawire Daily: “The only magazine on earth made of Teflon.”
  • Rex Hammock’s rexblog: “I used to blog about magazines that are announced (vaporzine) or return (even if briefly) after a hiatus (dejazine). I got bored with that, primarily because one magazine kept doing it over-and-over. I thought the magazine was gone forever, however, apparently some folks didn’t get the memo. Fortunately, I’m not blogging that beat anymore.”

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