Madonna’s Longtime Publicist Calls It Quits

Liz Rosenberg is "retiring."

lizrosenberg22Only Page Six, New York’s most notorious gossip rag, could have broken news of the retirement of one of its oldest, most valiant enemies: Liz Rosenberg of Liz Rosenberg Media.

Rosenberg is, of course, best known for repping Madonna. But her client roster included some of pop music’s biggest stars: Cher, Prince, Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks… you get it.

liz rosenbergIt’s barely been five years since she left Warner Music and took Madge with her and Rosenberg had some choice words for her most/least favorite publication:

I think two centuries is long enough, don’t you?

I’m going to consult, advise and protect my peeps from the likes of Page Six forever. I love them too much to do otherwise.

On a serious note, these people are part of my family. I could never step away completely. I envision myself like Sue Mengers, doing my work from a round bed with a lot of lip-shaped pillows.

In other words, she’s not really retiring. Most people say they’re planning to spend more time with family, but it sounds like Rosenberg is slowing down to spend more time with… her clients. (She did once say that Madonna calls her “mom.”)

And why wouldn’t she keep going? She still has plenty of big-name clients, and it’s been seven years since she made Hamilton Nolan’s “lying flacks” list for claiming that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were not going to get divorced (they did). We’re more than slightly surprised by his non-response to her announcement.

The unanswered question: who will protect Madonna from the big, bad media now?