Madonna Released Her Latest Music Video on Snapchat

She then used the Grammys as a marketing opportunity

Madonna wowed the crowds at last night’s Grammys, if not for her singing or dance moves then for her fitness. Whether she’s 56 or 26, the woman looks great. And she consistently surrounds herself with hot shirtless guys.

For those who are Snapchat subscribers, you may have noticed a matador theme going on for Madge and her new album. On Thursday, she released the first video from her new album “Rebel Heart” on Snapchat. It was available for 24 hours before disappearing and then reappearing on YouTube.

Never one to sit still while trends are happening, Madonna is maximizing on this technology in a savvy way, using Snapchat as a teaser for her new music before the big broadcast awards show. By the time the statues were handed out last night, a number of people were familiar with the theme, the song and the upcoming release. She wasn’t nominated for an award, so she didn’t have that on the line. But the show was a marketing opportunity for her. After pushing out info in recent weeks online — not only on Snapchat and YouTube but Facebook, Instagram and other channels — she turned to traditional media, television, to take her “Livin’ for Love” message to fans.

Gary Vanyerchuk also sees this as a smart move for Snapchat, who just introduced its “Discover” platform and can also use some publicity for itself as a viable channel for more than just selfies.

“By partnering with brands like CNN and Cosmo, and Madonna, in a world where Drake, or The Biebs, or a million other people would have loved to have this spot, Snapchat is putting itself in a very smart place by aging up through the content they are providing,” he writes.

Of course, if you’ve been paying attention to Madonna — and she simply won’t let you ignore her — then you know that her album actually leaked weeks before she intended on releasing it in full. Six songs are now available on iTunes; the rest of it will be for sale on March 10. Rolling Stone (and Vaynerchuk) praise how nimble Madonna has been about getting her music out to the masses. And, indeed, she’s doing a better job than most (say, U2?) at generating some excitement for music that is decidedly 90s sounding, coming from an artist who was hitting number one on the charts in the 80s.