Madesquare app brings DIY craftiness to mobile’s digital photographs


Do-it-yourself hysteria is escaping the world of Pinterest and heading to a smartphone near you via Madesquare, an app that will help you turn your mobile photos into something crafty, and possibly useful, without too much work.

The ladies who founded Madesquare are DIY geniuses and they come from a long tradition of digital, square photos, aka, Hipstamatic, the original square filter for analog lovers with a smartphone.

With Madesquare, users can access their mobile photos and pair them with one of the company’s many products for home decor, office accessories, photobooks, or even postcards:

With MADESQUARE’s iPhone app, transform your camera roll into personalized, statement-making square photo products, conveniently ship items to yourself, friends and family, effortlessly discover DIY ideas to add a special touch to rooms, projects, and gifts, and easily share product and design inspiration on Pinterest, Facebook, email, and text.

When you feel an itch for decorating fever, you can view the app’s creative DIY projects featuring your own photos, such as How to Hang a Heart Cling:

Our photo clings peel-and-stick to walls, windows, mirrors — pretty much any flat surface — making them perfect for quickly and easily transforming spaces from “meh” to “marvelous” in a matter of minutes!

Our photo cling heart really pops when anchored by a color theme — in our case, black and whites — but don’t stop there! Sepia tones and unified splashes of color would also be cool — bright, beach vacay photos, anyone?! Overall, the only requirement for photo selection is that they give you a good case of the warm fuzzies.

Note: you’ll need 25 photo clings for the project. They cost $2 each using the app, or if you have  printer and double-sided tape, you can do a cheap version at home.